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Cultivating secure identity, true intimacy & authentic relationships

SexEdTM Workshop

Today’s highly sexualised culture can overwhelm us with conflicting ideas about love, sex and relationships. Knowing the facts about love and God’s truth about sex empowers us to make healthy and beneficial life choices, so that we can enjoy His blessings of real love, true intimacy and genuine freedom. 

Explore together God’s design for human beings and relationships, as we talk about: 

  1. Sexual Identity: What determines my sex? How do I know my sexual orientation? What’s wrong with premarital sex? 

  2. Sexual Integrity: What is the purpose of sex? What does sexual wholeness mean to me? How important is sexual health and purity?  

  3. Sexual Intelligence: How do values and sexual consent affect decision making? How can I navigate love and relationships?  

  4. Sexual Issues: How do I make sense of the different sexual orientations and gender identities? How does masturbation, pornography or abortion affect me?  

  5. Sexual Discourse: How can I have a safe conversation about sexuality? What do I do when my sexual values differ from the crowd? 


Duration: 2 hrs per module 

Delivery Format: This workshop is to be conducted onsite with min. 20 pax & max. 40 pax. 

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