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Your Best Date with Your Forever Date

Best Date Ever 2024


Saturday, 24 August 2024


7.00pm - 9.30pm



When was the last time you and your spouse had a really great date?

One that didn’t revolve around discussing the kids, or rushed through so you could fulfil errands afterwards?

Do you reminisce when love was first sparked, enjoying long, chill dates with time for deep connection and good conversations?

The initial decade of marriage is significant in establishing a strong foundation for a lasting union. Hence, we’ve prepared Best Date Ever, a special event for couples married 10 years and under. All you need to do is dress up, turn up and enjoy yourselves together. Couples married over 10 years are also welcome!

Let us host you with a thoughtful programme, while reviving romance and relishing each other’s attention and company. Join us and create wonderful memories to strengthen your family’s foundation.

Relax, re-connect and renew the intimacy in your marriage at the Best Date Ever.

The Experience

  • Spend special, one-on-one time over a dinner meal
  • Bond over fun and meaningful couple activities
  • Express affection and appreciation for each other
  • Deepen connections over intimate conversations
  • Generate anticipation for the next date or couple time

Connect2 is an initiative by Focus on the Family Singapore to help married couples nurture and grow their relationship.

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