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Life begins with Family

We are all made for relationship - each of us with a deep desire to nurture strong connections with our family. When children are raised in a healthy and loving environment by their father and mother, they possess strong values and are secure in their identity. They in turn grow to raise strong families of their own, influencing culture and society. Yet, many of us know at least one family around us that is hurting today.

Nothing -- nothing -- has more impact in the life of a child than positive relationships.

Dr Peter Benson

Whether it's the feeling of loneliness or unmet expectations, all of us have experienced some level of disappointment in our family relationships.

Here are some challenges facing families today:

22 families

Singaporean families are torn apart by divorce each day

Singapore Department of Statistics, 2021

At least 1 child

Is involved in these divorces

Intergenerational Effects of Divorces on Children in Singapore, Ministry of Social and Family Development, 2019

Tricia was all ready to quit after seven years of marriage.

The endless communication breakdowns, deep-seated misunderstandings and growing resentment in her has taken its toll.

1 in 3

Young people locally experience mental health symptoms, including feelings of anxiety, loneliness and sadness, due to challenges faced in studies and relationships.

The Straits Times, May 2022

I have a distant relationship with my dad.

Nashwa barely talks with her dad because she gets emotional when she does.


Parents feel that they are too busy to enjoy quality time with their children

Focus on the Family Singapore Parents Survey, 2022

1 in 4

Experience stress or negative feelings when their child wants their attention

The Straits Times, Oct 2021

Bee Ping has a 4-year-old son.

She is often stressed and upset, as she doesn’t understand why her son always cries and wants to get her attention.

A thriving family is a work in progress

No family is perfect, but we believe that with the right help and tools, every family can be so much more. For the past two decades and more, Focus on the Family Singapore has taken an upstream approach -- providing families with relevant and practical programmes and resources at every stage in life.

Why we invest in family

Strong marriages between a husband and wife provide the best outcomes for children.

Strong marriages between a husband and wife creates the best environment for raising emotionally resilient kids. Research shows that strong marriages benefit children as they are more likely to enjoy emotional and behavioral well-being (Brown, 2004).

Strong developmental relationships help children succeed.

Family is the biggest source of where youths can acquire the most developmental assets (The Search Institute, 2017).

Strong parental support is critical in developing a child's emotional resilience and is associated with more positive problem-solving behaviours. (Focus on the Family Singapore, 2021).

Strong families contribute to strong businesses and communities.

When families are strong, businesses experience lower rates of absenteeism and presenteeism, with increased rates of productivity, long-term profitability and socio-economical benefits.

The ROI for a company’s investment in the physical & relational wellness of their employees ranges from US$1.50 - $6.85 (Turvey & Olson, 2006).

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At Focus, we are dedicated to work towards a Singapore where family continues to be valued and prioritised, the state of the family is secured, and every child experiences a loving home marked by intimate husband-wife relationships and affirming parent-child interactions.

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