While parenting can be both challenging and rewarding, find helpful resources to help you navigate parenthood.


Whether you are preparing for or looking to strengthen your marriage, here are resources to help you along every step.

We are here for your family

The Focus on the Family Singapore team is made up of a community of fathers, mothers, and individuals who are dedicated and passionate about journeying and supporting you and your family, to nurture the relationships you desire.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides leadership on strategic planning, financial management and resource optimisation. As volunteers of Focus on the Family Singapore, they do not receive any fees for their Board services rendered and there are no paid staff on the Board.

Executive Management

Delia Ng

Chief Executive Officer

Appointed 1 June 2023

Vicky Ho

Chief Operating Officer

Appointed 1 January 2024

Aaron Ng

Chief, Growth

Appointed 1 October 2021

Alicia Boo

Chief, Impact & Principal Counsellor

Appointed 1 October 2021