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The 1825 Collective: Conversation


24 Jul 2024





Conversations about social issues and trends surrounding family and relationships can sometimes be very complex and challenging. 

However, we can learn to become a voice of change by engaging and communicating our views and beliefs confidently, starting by clarifying why we believe what we believe in.

The 1825 Collective is an immersive multi-level programme (for 18-25 year olds) that gives you an opportunity to explore cultural trends and issues about family and engage with like-minded peers in a safe space.

Through interactive learning, intentional mentoring & innovative application,
Concretise your understanding of pertinent family issues by engaging in hands-on activities and honest conversations in a safe community.
Get upclose and personal with trainers and mentors who will journey with you and empower you to become a voice for family.
Get opportunities to make a difference and impact on families and communities through various initiatives.

Circle is an experiential 3-part series designed for young adults to deepen their understanding of family, marriage and sex and explore ways to live out their values.

This engaging experience includes interactive activities and thought-provoking discussions within a safe peer community, facilitated by experienced and nurturing mentors.

Session 1 – Figuring Out Family: What Makes my Family a “Family”?
Session 2 – The Dating Narrative: Is Marriage the Endgame?
Session 3 – The Economics of Sex: What’s the Market Value?

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* Due to the small group format of Circle, all applicants will have to undergo a selection process through the application form.

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FamChamps is a youth movement that raises youths who believe in, live out and champion Family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Each session will include hands-on and experiential activities on various topics pertaining to family. 


There will be opportunities to have meaningful discussions and conversations to solidify your understanding of these issues.


Trainers of this programme are seasoned experts with a wealth of experience and a heart for family. They will inspire you to envisage the possibilities and various ways of being a Family Champion.


Mentors are experienced in youth engagement and group facilitation, whose role would be to share life and facilitate candid and authentic conversations with you. There will be an emphasis on personal reflection, growth and developing soft skills.

(For Levels 2 & 3)

More than competency, we are looking for individuals who have a keen desire to learn, would like to be equipped in engaging others on issues related to family, and who hold to similar timeless family values.