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Equipping youths to believe in, live out, and champion Family

FamChamps Camp Experience 2024


28 to 31 Oct 2024


4D3N residential camp




The FamChamps Camp is a launchpad towards an 8-month experience that will provide experiential learningequipping, and envisioning for youths to understand and strengthen their present and future families.

Phases of the FamChamps Camp Experience
PHASE 1: FamChamps Camp
PHASE 2: FamChamps Training
PHASE 3: FamChamps Awards

Phase 1: FamChamps Camp 

A residential camp that introduces students to fundamental family values and the importance of family, and equip them with practical handles to build stronger relationships at home. The camp programme includes:

  • FamQuestTM: A “family game” with life decisions pertinent to the family.
  • Family Life Workshops: Equipping sessions for youths to acknowledge and appreciate their present family, and to hope for their future family.
  • Family Dialogues: Heartfelt sharing of lived experiences by family experts and social service practitioners.
  • Youth Mentoring: Daily debrief and mentoring by trusted youth mentors.
  • Honour Night: An opportunity for students to pay tribute to parents and parental involvements.

Phase 2: FamChamps Training

The experiential learning continues under the guidance of youth mentors with:

  • FamChamps Assemble: Ongoing conversations and equipping on pertinent family topics or issues.
  • Family Challenge: To reinforce their learning at camp, students are strongly encouraged to apply the principles learnt during the camp in their own homes. 
  • Family Service Project (by school group): Ground-up initiative by students to promote family at the school or community level (e.g. foster parent-child bonding by organising a family carnival in school, raise funds for a family cause)*.

*The Family Service Project can be counted towards students’ Values in Action (VIA) contribution.

Phase 3: FamChamps Awards

An awards ceremony to celebrate students’ completion of the FamChamps Camp Experience, as well as to recognise their achievements in championing family. Government ministries, corporate and community partners will be present to participate and witness the commissioning of our young family champions. 



DATES: 28 to 31 Oct 2024



Be a Family Champion

Please leave your details on our Interest List for FamChamps Camp Experience 2024. 

FamChamps is a youth movement that raises youths who believe in, live out and champion Family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Group registration is applicable for schools registering for 5 students and above. 

We encourage you to make all necessary arrangements to ensure that your personal and school schedules are clear for FamChamps Camp. There will be no refunds* for cancellations.  


Requests for transfer of registration will be accepted until 14 days before the start of the FamChamps Camp (i.e. Wed, 18 Oct 2023). Please inform us at


*The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the camp due to unforeseen circumstances. Every effort, however, will be made to inform participants as soon as possible of the change. For cancellation of camp by the Organiser, fees will be refunded in full.

FamChamps Camp Experience is an 8-month journey that requires commitment, initiative and intentionality to complete its 3 phases. We would encourage schools to send in youths who have a passion for Family and will be motivated to participate in the Camp, Family Challenges and Family Service Project.

All meals catered for the camp will be Halal certified. For other dietary requirements such as food and medical allergies, please indicate clearly on the Registration Form so that the Organiser may look into it accordingly. 

A packing list will be provided after registration is confirmed. 

Please indicate if you would prefer for the Organiser to send an invoice to the group coordinator via email or to e-invoice the school/community group. All fees are charged in Singapore Dollars.

Honour Night is a special event in the FamChamps Camp programme for camp participants to express appreciation to their parents for the irreplaceable role parents play in their lives, through simple and fun facilitator-led games and activities. Parents’ presence at Honour Night will mean so much to the camper as they embark on this journey of understanding the importance of Family. 

Honour Night is happening on Thu, 2 Nov 2023. More details to follow.

Honour Night is an intentional time set aside for campers and their parents. It is highly recommended that both parents attend Honour Night together with the camper (i.e. max. 3 persons), and dedicate that time to the camper.


However, we understand if there is a need for one of the parents to attend to younger siblings or other family members. In these circumstances, please ensure that one parent attends the event in full together with the camper.

We have a child-minding programme catered for campers' younger siblings from the age of 3 years old to 12 years old.Campers would need to indicate the attendance of their younger sibling(s) on their individual registration form. 

We highly encourage one or both of the camper’s parents to attend the event as it is meant for them to appreciate and honour their parents. If the camper’s parents are unable to attend because of special reasons, we would recommend a guardian or close adult family member to attend in place of parents.  

There is no additional cost to attend Honour Night as it is part of the camp programme. All campers will receive the Honour Night materials that are included in the camp fees, whether or not parents attend the event.

Please indicate your commitment to attend Honour Night on the Parental/Guardian Consent Form that will be given to the camper. More details will be provided later.

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