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Sow into Family and the Next Generation

Volunteer Open House


Thu, 27 Jun 2024


7pm to 8:30pm


Focus on the Family Singapore Office

Contemplating getting involved through volunteering but unsure how? 

Join us at our Volunteer Open House as we share stories, insights, and the vision that drives our mission. Also, discover the ways you can volunteer with Focus on the Family Singapore in 2024. 

Light refreshments will be provided. 

Why volunteer with Focus on the Family Singapore?


Connect with other everyday families and be part of a community of like-minded family champions.

Personal Growth

Develop your interests and passions, and discover new ones in a fun and meaningful way.

Family Life Enrichment

Gain insights for your personal family life through Focus' suite of initiatives. 

Search for Significance

Discover how you can converge your skills and desire to make a difference for Family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

For enquires, please call +65 6336 1444 or email Application is available via the online sign-up form.

There is no minimum age to volunteer at Focus on the Family Singapore. We encourage family members to volunteer together at our events. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. If there are specific roles which require technical knowledge or qualifications, we will indicate that in our request. Otherwise, everyone can be a volunteer if they have a keen interest in the organisation and its cause.

We encourage new volunteers to keep an open mind and learn the different roles or tasks when interacting with our constituents, staff and other volunteers.  In short, stay committed to the cause and enjoy the experience! 

Generally, we accept one-time volunteering for certain assignments. Depending on the role, we hope our volunteers can commit to it on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

Yes, training will be provided as necessary and it varies according to the role/task that you are being assigned to.

Yes, but it also depends on the tasks or roles assigned. You may indicate your preference if you wish to volunteer together as a group.

You may be invited for a brief meeting with our Volunteer Coordinator who will update you on the different volunteering opportunities that may suit your interests.

Yes. We welcome volunteers of all nationalities as long as they can commit (time) to the role or task assigned. 

Yes, we have volunteering roles that do not require spoken English.

Yes, we provide Values in Action (VIA) records for our student volunteers and acknowledgment letters for volunteers as requested.

Be a Family Champion

At Focus on the Family Singapore, age is never an obstacle to volunteering. We welcome students, couples, families, and organisations to volunteer together.

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