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Charity Golf 2024


12 April 2024


11am - 10pm


Laguna National Golf Resort Club (Masters Course)

What a turnaround we witnessed when the rain stopped and the clouds above Laguna Masters Course parted for the game! Our heartiest congratulations to all prize winners and thank you all for participating in Charity Golf 2024. We trust you had an enjoyable experience meeting our team and getting to know the work of Focus on the Family Singapore.

I was very unhappy with the state of my relationship with my dad. Naturally, as a daughter I yearned for his love and missed him greatly. So I decided that I will do something about it. I will be the change I want to see in my family. While my dad is not perfect, I know he’s trying, and he really loves me.  So this is my bid to you, give the youths a chance and support our crazy endeavours, you’ll be surprised at the extents we will go to build stronger families for tomorrow.

– Jamie Lee, Pioneer Participant of FamChamps® & President of 1st FamChamps® Council

During the event’s dinner, we heard the heartfelt sharing of young family champion, Ms Jamie Lee and how her experience at FamChamps® profoundly impacted her family life and decisions. CEO, Ms Delia Ng, also took the opportunity to share our upcoming goals for FamChamps® as we move forward into the next decade. Without a doubt, your support is imperative and invaluable in realising this vision. 

Thanks to your collective efforts, we have raised $173,000, and are looking to bring in another $77,000 toward our goal of $250,000.  

If you have not yet had the chance to contribute, we appeal to you to partner with us by making a donation. Every contribution, regardless of its size, plays a pivotal role in enabling us to continue our vital work. 

Your role in strengthening families in our nation is critical, especially for the next generation and we urge you to come alongside us in our work, to be part of the change for stronger, more resilient families!

All donations of $50 and above received within the year will qualify for 250% tax deductions. For more information on your donation, please contact June at, or 8399 8040. 

Be part of the change for stronger, more resilient families!

Your generosity will enable us to meet our shortfall.

Join us at Partnership Dinner 2024!

Find out more about the mission of Focus on the Family Singapore at our annual Partnership Dinner on 20 May.  

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