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How Do I Impart My Family Values to My Children?

As societies become technologically advanced and people become more liberal in their thinking, moral and social values will change to reflect that on a cultural level. It is thus increasingly important to be intentional about thinking and talking about family values. If parents do not take charge of raising their children using their playbooks, then the world will.

20 October, 2022

A Woman's Value and Identity, Beyond Motherhood

While you're a mother, you are also a wife, a daughter, or even a doctor. When motherhood seems to override every other role, how do you reclaim your own identity?

03 March, 2023

Surviving the Teenage Transition

Human development theorist Erik Erikson identified 8 stages of psychosocial development that all individuals go through. As children move into the 5th Stage between the ages of 12 to 18 – Erikson described it as a tension between “Identity vs. Role Confusion”. This is a crucial stage where the child learns the roles he will occupy as an adult.

23 December, 2019

‘I Felt Like I'd Lost Myself as a SAHM’

“I’m just a SAHM trying to run the household and parent the boys. I’m just a work machine completing the same daily routines. I’m just attending to everyone’s needs except mine.”  Although people told me that I was much more than that, I struggled to believe it.

01 July, 2022