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I Found My Child Masturbating! What Do I Do?

Sometimes it happens when kids are toddlers, or when they’re preschoolers or primary schoolers. How should you talk to your young child about masturbation?

21 June, 2022

What If My Child is Having Sex?

Parenting is no walk in the park but along with all the situations parents have to learn to tackle, this question may well be one of the hardest. So, what do you do if you have to handle this scenario?

15 March, 2022

Raising Kids to be Wise About Sex and Relationships

While parents are the first teachers of their children, if you’re unsure of how to talk to your kids about sex and relationships, know that you’re not alone. Here is some advice that I’ve gleaned over the years from others and from my own experience.

19 January, 2023

Why is it So Stressful Talking to My Kids About Sex?

“Mommy, what’s an orgasm?” If you’ve ever had to deal with such hair-raising questions, this article is for you.

01 March, 2023