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When Results Aren't The Only Thing

Growing up in a neighbourhood school, I was constantly fed with the idea that working hard was the only way to a better life. But in the push for excellence, perhaps we also need to remember to pull our children towards us for nurturing.

21 Oct, 2023

Cyberbullying: How can we protect our children?

In today's digital age, where children are so immersed in technology, the threat of your child experiencing cyberbullying is very real. What can you do to help?

12 Oct, 2023

Managing Exam Stress & Anxiety

Exams – one of the most dreaded words in the Singapore parent’s dictionary. Throw in “DSA”, “AL levels”, “math problem sums”, and I am sure we can almost hear a collective groan amongst parents and children across the island.

05 Oct, 2023

Bullying - Is Punishment The Way To Go?

I recently came across an account on bullying that took me by surprise. It wasn’t the act of bullying but the way the parents handled it that caught me off-guard.

18 Sep, 2023

4 CALM Strategies to Support Your Anxious Child

All children feel anxious or worried from time to time. It is a normal part of growing up. As parents, we cannot shield our children from feelings of anxiety. How we can support them is to help them cope with their worries or anxieties. In a recent podcast, I shared four strategies using the acronym C.A.L.M to help parents support their anxious children.

22 Jul, 2022

How to Nurture Your Youth to be a Confident Young Adult

Nicole and Jakin share from a young adult’s perspective on what adulting looks like and how you can set your teen up for success in navigating this life transition.

13 May, 2022

5 Practical Ways for Mums to Overcome Discouragement

It’s so easy to feel overworked and under-appreciated. Apart from fishing for gratitude or affirmation from the husband and kids, what can we do to help ourselves ride out the tough days?

04 May, 2022

How to Help Your Teens Cope with Bad News

The news of the tragic incident at River Valley High School brought shock and caused concern to many of us this Monday afternoon. Here are some ways you can help your teens cope with bad news.

19 Jul, 2021
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