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How Play can Improve Your Parenting

There is just something about play that helps children see learning and relationships in a different way. Here's the lowdown on the many benefits that play can bring, plus 5 playful ideas!

07 Dec, 2023

Keys to Understanding Your Gen-Z Child

Mums and dads, if you’ve ever felt lost while talking to your Gen-Z, this is your cheat sheet to understanding their lingo and habits.

22 Sep, 2023

SAHM or FTWM, Love is a Decision

In whatever season you find yourself in, focusing on the family is a decision you will have to make. It will require commitment, and it will require sacrifice.

12 May, 2023

What A Teen Needs - Respect

Conversations with our teenagers can be unpredictable. How do parents start establishing a sense of mutual respect in their parent-child teen relationship?

08 Feb, 2023

Family Hacks for a New Year that are Low on Tech and High on Love

Have you been feeling harried and hassled even before the new year began? Read on for family hacks we can adopt to stay sane amidst the hectic schedules.

13 Jan, 2023

Why Grandparenting Still Matters

Grandparenting isn’t as easy as “enjoy them, spoil them and send them home”. Grandparents can play an active role in families, both natural and spiritual.

30 Dec, 2022

How to Get Your Teens Off Their Screens and Into the World

Getting our teens off their screens is somewhat of a modern-day conundrum. After all, they are Gen Z, the generation hailed as true digital natives and born in an age where devices fit almost like appendages to our bodies. How can we draw our kids out from their digital shells and engage and connect with them meaningfully in the real world?

10 Nov, 2022

How Do I Impart My Family Values to My Children?

As societies become technologically advanced and people become more liberal in their thinking, moral and social values will change to reflect that on a cultural level. It is thus increasingly important to be intentional about thinking and talking about family values. If parents do not take charge of raising their children using their playbooks, then the world will.

20 Oct, 2022

Four Things Our Preschoolers Need from Us

I had the chance to bring my three-year-old son on a daddy-son date to Serangoon Gardens. It was a simple trip and the goal was just to eat at the hawker centre, take a short walk around and return home. Initially, I thought he would be bored as we were not heading to an exciting destination. However, my son still recalls it fondly today. Why was my son as excited about this trip as the times we splurged on more expensive outings?

21 Sep, 2022

Playing to My Strengths As A Father

Lacking in role models from their own lives, some fathers may find it intimidating to bond with or care for their little ones, or even struggle to juggle both traditional and modern expectations of fathers.

23 Jul, 2022
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