While parenting can be both challenging and rewarding, find helpful resources to help you navigate parenthood.


Whether you are preparing for or looking to strengthen your marriage, here are resources to help you along every step.

Meeting the needs of everyday families.


Candid conversations about relationships and marriage

Connect2 Podcast

No matter the state of your relationship today, we want to help your marriage thrive.

Building B.O.U.N.C.E for the bumps in life

Raising Resilient Kids

We live in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive world, where the pressure to succeed and perform can leave our children feeling panic-stricken and overwhelmed. How can we nurture our child’s psychological resilience to better manage stress? Be empowered to emotionally coach your child towards a positive and healthy attitude for learning and living!

Cultivating sexual intimacy and marital passion

Intimate Marriage

Research shows that the best sex is that within a committed, monogamous marriage. Yet many married couples struggle in the area of physical intimacy. What prevents us from baring it all to our spouse? Acquire time-tested practical wisdom for a candid insight into what can enhance your love life and turn a good marriage into great marriage!

Personalised parenting solutions for your unique child

The ParentEdTM Dialogues

These dialogues promise candid sharing and stimulating conversations among likeminded sojourners on the parenting journey. It’s a great place to acquire timeless principles, priceless perspectives and practical tools for informed, involved and intentional parenting!

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