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Going the Distance for Family: FamChamps celebrates 10 years of raising young Family Champions

Launches roundisland trail with almost 80 volunteers walking 54km in 12 hours 

06 July 2024 – On 6 July 2024, FamChamps®, a community movement by local charity Focus on the Family Singapore, commemorated its 10th anniversary of empowering and equipping youths to believe in, live out and champion Family. 

Held at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary), 125 secondary school students were commissioned as Family Champions at FamChamps Awards – a platform that celebrates youths’ achievements in making a difference for Family in their own homes and communities. Joining the award ceremony was Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development and Minister-in-Charge of Social Services Integration. 

In the past 8 months, participants underwent experiential learning and intentional mentoring, which included opportunities for them to practically apply the principles and handles learnt in the FamChamps Camp Experience journey to their family life, as well as share these concepts to equip their communities. 

One notable example is seen from the Family Service Project executed by the participants from Broadrick Secondary School. The team of 5 youth reached over 950 students within their school as they shared insights and tools picked up from FamChamps Camp at assembly talks. They also released a 3-part video series on marriage and parenting via the group’s social media account and rallied their schoolmates to join them in making a positive change in their families. 

Gia Linh Lee, 16, a member of the team and recipient of the Outstanding FamChamps Award, shares one of her takeaways from the FamChamps Camp Experience, “FamChamps taught me that even as a child in the family, I can make the first move to initiate stronger familial relationships. For example, I can start conversations with my parents and plan family outings to explore somewhere new in Singapore. I don’t need to wait for change to happen.” 

Having gone through the experiential FamChamps journey, she believes that youths can be the change they want to see in their families. 

“The next generation will be different,” she affirms. 

Ms Lee joins the over 800-strong FamChamps alumni community formed over 9 batches of youths that have been commissioned as family champions since 2014. 

As FamChamps commemorates its 10th anniversary this year, it also celebrates the maturing of youths who have grown with the cause. 

Elliot Goh, 23, a youth from the pioneer batch of FamChamps and a member of the inaugural FamChamps Council, received the FamChamps Milestone Award (Youth) for his unwavering commitment to promoting and protecting strong families. 

He shared, “After going through the FamChamps programme, I started to see my family in a different light.” 

“My family went through some challenges over the years, but these experiences inspired me to join the FamChamps Council to be a voice for Family,” he added. 

Through leadership development and community service opportunities, Mr Goh testified that he “witnessed firsthand the power of nurturing family relationships.” 

Just as the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” goes, it similarly requires a likeminded community of invested individuals to raise the next generation of family champions. 

Retired ex-principal Mr Peter Tan, 64, was recognised with the FamChamps Milestone Award (Enabler) for his successive years of support to FamChamps and his commitment to promote Family in his spheres of influence. 

When Mr Tan first heard about the FamChamps initiative, not only was he quick to onboard the school he was principal of, but he also shared the vision of FamChamps with other secondary school principals and rallied them to be part of the pioneer FamChamps Camp. 

The idea of bringing together students from various backgrounds and empowering them to make a positive change in their families and schools resonated deeply with me,” he mused. 

“There is something inherently powerful about the collective narratives and camaraderie that these camps could cultivate. Furthermore, the students were encouraged to give back to the community and share what they had learnt with their peers.” 

Mr Tan believes that by empowering young people to realise their part in nurturing family bonds, FamChamps contributes to their holistic development as responsible individuals. 

At this 10-year milestone, the youth development initiative also celebrated the trailblazing spirit of FamChamps with the FamChamps Legacy Trail – a round-island relay that featured 10 Family Champion stories and spans 10 FamChamps schools. 

Comprising 3 legs where participating alumni and volunteers passed on the baton from one group to the next, the FamChamps Legacy Trail symbolises the collective strength and growing movement of people who champion the cause of Family through the years. 

The 54-kilometre overnight trail began at Zhenghua Secondary School, one of the schools that have been consistently involved in FamChamps programmes. Participants made pitstops at various institutions that have been part of the FamChamps journey, such as Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) and Geylang Methodist School (Secondary). After 12 hours, the FamChamps Legacy Trail came to an end at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary), where the award ceremony was held. 

Through the Legacy Trail, the FamChamps Community aims to raise $50,000 through collective fundraising effort, where participants created their individual crowdfunding campaign on the platform to rally support and encouragement from their friends and family. 

“We believe that to transform generations, we need to meaningfully engage the emerging families – children and youth who will start to form families in the next 10 years and beyond,” shared Delia Ng, CEO of Focus on the Family Singapore. 

“By equipping them with practical skills in communication and conflict, and mentoring them through the struggles they face, we are ensuring the baton of Family gets passed on for generations to come,” she added. 


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