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Affirm mums in their journey of trusting the process

Mother's Day Campaign


3 to 13 May 2024




Being a mother is one of the most special and unique experiences in this world – even in the way it stretches and challenges a person.
Battles with meltdowns can be long drawn, and seasons of discouragement and doubt seemingly endless.
This Mother’s Day, join us in encouraging mums to trust the process and in affirming her for her growth!
If you are a mum, be assured that everything you go through and endure will come to fruition, all in good time.

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Affirm mothers that the everyday things
    they do count in
    their children’s lives.
  2. Encourage mums
    to trust the process,
    even if they have
    yet to see growth in
    the present.

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