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Celebrating the lasting legacies and importance of fathers.

Father's Day Campaign


7 to 17 Jun 2024






The willingness of dads to give a lot of time and energy to their kids because it is important to them.

Fatherhood is a race of a lifetime, filled with heart-racing moments of exciting play and sometimes also heart-stopping moments of panic.
This race produces determination and dedication within each father, with the end goal not of winning, but having loved their children the best they knew how.
This Father’s Day, we’re Dadicated to spotlighting the lasting legacies and importance of fathers, shaping lives through generations!
Additionally, a free e-guide, "The Busy Dad's Playbook", for creating unforgettable memories with your child.
Curated bonding ideas, organised by amount of time available
Valuable fathering tips.
Interesting "Did You Know?" facts.

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