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Have healthy conversations surrounding digital literacy

Children's Day Campaign


29 Sep to 9 Oct 2023




The digital realm has become an integral part of our lives, including our children’s — offering opportunities for learning, interacting, and entertainment. However, just as digital media use is escalating, so are mental health issues in our youth.  

Research has recently shown that youths are increasingly turning to digital media for self-therapy. In light of this, experts are advising parents to be empathetic towards their children’s use of electronic devices and platforms (Channel News Asia, 2023).

Thus, before children are exposed to various devices, apps, platforms at a young age, it is critical to have healthy conversations surrounding digital literacy and for parents to both bond with and guide their children in the digital age.  

This Children’s Day, Focus on the Family Singapore aims to encourage the fostering of meaningful parent-child relationships and equip parents to raise digital literate children all while having fun! 

A free digital resource, The Wonder Guide, will be available for download, with tips for parents to nurture their parent-child relationship while navigating the digital playground. Download your Wonder Guide at

Additionally, a free mini activity book, What a Wonder! is also available for parents to deepen connections with their child (recommended for 5-9 year olds). It includes:
Identifying old school technology gadgets and learning fun facts about them
Conversation Starters for parent-child to engage in meaningful conversations
Stickers for interactive learning

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Strengthen parent-child relationships through healthy conversations and practices surrounding digital literacy

  2. Encourage families to embrace technology as means for meaningful connection 

Secure your free resource!

If you or your organisation is keen to distribute the What a Wonder! resource (minimum of 50 copies), please get in touch with us.

Limited copies are available so secure them now!

ParentEd is a parent education initiative from Focus on the Family Singapore.

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