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Dad-icated: Celebrating Fatherhood and Lasting Legacies

07 June 2024 – Traditionally, the role of fathers has been perceived as resource provision, with the nurturing and emotional development roles largely left to mothers. However, a 2023 survey by Focus on the Family Singapore revealed that 74% of those surveyed wish for their dads to be more involved in emotional development.1

Today’s millennial fathers are redefining this dynamic and their legacy, showing a fresh eagerness to actively participate in raising their children.

The impact of building strong familial bonds spans across generations. David Choo, 75, father of 4 sons and grandfather of 14 grandchildren, shared about a tradition his parents started, which he continues to practice with his own family till this day. 

“My parents used to gather the whole family for dinner every Sunday. I found it very meaningful as all the siblings would gather and my parents were very happy and pleased. Hence, even though my four sons have gotten married and have children of their own, everyone continues to come together for a meal every Tuesday evening.”  

This highlights how the concept of legacy weaves a thread through the fabric of time and speaks of the impact we can leave on those who come after us.  

Yet, the significance of leaving a legacy within the context of fatherhood is not merely about the practices left behind. 

“Legacy is about what your kids will remember you for,” said James Ong, 41, a father of four.  

“My hope is that when I pass on, my kids will want to emulate the love and nurturing they experienced from me,” he shared. He was especially touched when his eldest son expressed his desire to be a father when he grows up, seeing it as a testament to his positive influence. 

Despite their enthusiasm, many dads face significant challenges. Rising living costs, demanding work schedules, and the fast-paced nature of modern life often leave fathers exhausted, with little energy or mental capacity to engage meaningfully with their children. 

Jonathan Cho, 37, a father of three, shares his joys in parenting, the difficulties in balancing work and family life, and the emotional struggles that often come with being a working father.   

“We have a lot of dad guilt as well, and often times we think about where we have failed our children or where we could have done better in terms of being around.” 

This Father’s Day, Focus on the Family Singapore is Dad-icated to spotlighting the lasting legacies and importance of fathers, and empowering dads to create stronger bonds and lasting memories with their children. We hope fathers will be encouraged to know that their efforts to connect with their children have a profound impact that extends far beyond the present moment, leaving legacies that will benefit generations to come. 

A strong champion for families and longstanding supporter of Focus on the Family Singapore, Dr Stephen Riady, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OUE Limited, recounts his father’s philosophy of giving back to the community where one has thrived and did well in.2  

As part of the campaign, the local charity has prepared a digital resource, The Busy Dad’s Playbook, to help fathers reduce the mental load of thinking of bonding activities with their children. These activities are arranged by time blocks of as short as 10 minutes to an hour, paired with fun facts and tips.  

A series of digital content featuring short-form videos, lighthearted comics, as well as authentic dad stories with emphasis on work-life balance and the legacies of fathers be available at from 7 to 17 June 2024.

“You just show up [for your kids]. And the moment you show up [as a father], something kicks in. It’s still tiring. I’m still often sleep deprived, but I’m happily tired, because I’m giving my life to the ones that I love, the ones that are dependent on me, and it brings me great joy,” Cho muses. 


1 Fatherhood and Marriage Aspirations Survey 2023, Focus on the Family Singapore


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