While parenting can be both challenging and rewarding, find helpful resources to help you navigate parenthood.


Whether you are preparing for or looking to strengthen your marriage, here are resources to help you along every step.

Give Families the Gift of Reconciled Relationships

Secure Donation

Focus on the Family Singapore Limited is a local Christian charity with Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status, impacting over 36,000 families yearly for the past 20 years. Whether it’s a strained parent-child relationship, a marriage in crisis, or challenging life circumstances, many families are looking for help. With your support, we can provide timely help to meet urgent needs of hurting families. Your gift can provide others a hope and second chance at rebuilding the relationships that matter most.

As a donor-supported local Christian charity, donations contribute to at least 80% of our annual receipts. We receive 10% of our funding from grants and subsidies and 10% of income from our programmes and services. We do not receive funding from foreign entities.

As a donor-supported charity with Institution of a Public Character status, all monthly and one-time donations of $50 and above (made by 31 December), will qualify for 250% tax deduction. The tax deduction benefit will be automatically included in your tax assessment when you provide your UEN/NRIC/FIN. You will also receive an email to acknowledge receipt of your donations.

The security and confidentiality of your information is our highest priority. We use industry-standard technology to protect your information and ensure a secure environment for online donations. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through compliance with our privacy policy. We do not collect personal information without your knowledge and only do so to fulfill the purposes for which you provided the information.

Donations that are directed towards a specific project will be allocated to funding the initiative with the understanding that when the need for such a programme or project has been met, it will be used and redirected to the areas where it's most needed. Donations raised go fully towards benefitting our constituents.

Other Ways to Give

Every donation is special and precious in providing timely support and resources to families in need.

Monthly Giving

Your regular gift builds the foundation of a strong ministry and helps families thrive every day, every year.

Partnership Dinner

Sponsor a table and join us in raising likeminded supporters and champions for the Family.

Take a Swing for Family

Come play golf and share the impact of giving towards the cause with fellow golfing enthusiasts.

We commit to be good stewards of every gift

We recognise that every gift invested into the work of championing Family is precious, and given out of the generosity and belief in the importance of families. We commit to steward your gift well, in accordance with the trust accorded to us.

The Impact of Your Gift

Every dollar received enables us to deliver timely resources – be it a podcast, article or video, parent coaching or marriage preparation programmes, in-person or online counselling – to a family in Singapore.