Dads have a powerful influence on their sons.
Dads are also entrusted with a unique authority and responsibility in raising his son into a man. As a boy transits into manhood, he looks at his dad for guidance in navigating through life’s challenges, in developing his own identity and values, and even in how he should respect the opposite sex.

Adventure with Dad celebrates the bond between fathers and sons through this urban camp. This programme is exclusively customized to help you connect and build a deeper level of trust through outdoor challenges, fun activities and memorable conversations. The newfound discoveries about each other and memories created will be a significant and treasured milestone in the father-son relationship. A son who grows up with an involved and nurturing father is likely to be courageous, confident and able to channel his masculinity in positive ways.

Held in conjunction with iLight Marina Bay, recommended for sons aged 12-15 years old.

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Adventure with Dad Event Video


Why You Should Come with Your Son

• Unique experience for dads to sleep under the stars with their sons

• Exclusive father-only and son-only sharing to encourage deeper understanding and appreciation of a father’s role and a son’s responsibility

• Outdoor challenges and fun activities specially designed for dads and sons to collaborate and engage in meaningful conversations

• Ceremony to commemorate the son’s journey into manhood with his father


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