How to Talk to Your Kid About Sex? Ex-actress Jacelyn Tay and Experts on the Dos and Don'ts

Pandemic Piles on Stress for New Parents

The Straits Times
Republished with Permission
27 February 2022

Ms Alicia Boo, principal counsellor at Christian charity Focus On The Family Singapore, says with so much going on, new parents may also "feel a sense of having lost 'us'".

She adds: "There are more functional conversations surrounding the baby's needs, as opposed to more connecting conversations that enhance their marriage."

Chat about your dreams and fears
Beyond just preparing for your baby's arrival, couples should share their hopes and fears about parenthood with each other, says Ms June Yong, insights lead at Christian organisation Focus On The Family Singapore. This helps to build trust and surfaces differences ahead of time, when you can resolve them calmly.

Make marriage a priority
Carve out time for dates and intimacy, says Ms Yong. "When couples prioritise their marriage, the whole family thrives - including the children."

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