One in Six Protection Orders Filed by Husbands

The Straits Times
Republished with Permission
29 Mar 2020

Like the women, many men are afraid that taking the matter to court by applying for a PPO will worsen the relationship, said Focus on the Family Singapore principal counsellor Theresa Pong.

She said that men generally apply for a PPO as a last resort, when they have tried unsuccessfully to stop the abuse themselves, or when the wife has hurt other vulnerable family members, such as their children or elderly members of the family.

For example, she counselled a husband, a professional in his 30s, who applied for a PPO against his wife when she repeatedly abused his elderly father, who lived with them.

She would vent her anger and frustration on his father by throwing things at him or hitting him. Once, she hit his mouth so hard that she knocked out one of his teeth.

The couple, who had a baby, had a strained relationship even before the baby was born, Ms Pong said.

After the husband filed for the PPO, the couple went for counselling. The wife became more mindful of her actions and kept her distance from her father-in-law.

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