Of Good Schools and Level Fields

Of Good Schools and Level Fields

The Business Times
Republished with Permission
12 Nov 2021

According to figures from the household expenditure survey, which is conducted once every five years by the Singapore Department of Statistics, average household spending on tuition has risen from S$79.90 per month in 2012/2013 to S$88.40 per month in 2017/2018.

It is not unusual for affluent families with several school-going children to rack up bills of up to thousands a month for tuition and other enrichment classes.

But, for parents and their children, the costs could be much higher than purely monetary.

“That the education system here produces high stress levels for both parents and children is not new. Most parents want their children to do well in life, and academic achievement is often seen as a proxy to that end,” says Alicia Boo, principal counsellor at Focus on the Family Singapore.

She cites an online survey the group conducted in September last year with over 1,050 school children aged between 10 and 15. Surprisingly – or perhaps not – the students were found to be more worried about their exams than the Covid-19 situation in Singapore.

“While it is common for examinations to induce short-term stress, chronic stress can lead to other forms of mental health issues such as clinical anxiety disorders, which if left unchecked, may require professional intervention,” Boo adds.

A mother of 4, the eldest of whom is taking his PSLE next year, Boo says parents should tune in to their children’s psychological and emotional needs. She adds that parents play an important role in building psychological resilience in their children for stressful situations.

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