Let's Talk About Phone Use

Little Red Dot
Republished with Permission
29 June 2021

Mr Chong Ee Jay, a family life specialist with Focus on the Family Singapore, a charity organisation, and the deputy head at FamChamps, a community youth movement, sees the act of giving one's child a phone as "empowering" a child with a device.

A father himself, he explained: "The truth is the landscape is very different for them and they experience the phone differently from us adults. Parents use it for work but in their world, it's more for entertainment and a social life. You don't want to deprive them of this aspect.

"Young people aren't just consuming content from the phone — they are experiencing it as well," he added. He advises parents to engage with their children and find out what they do. "Children these days figure out a lot of things by themselves on the phone, like video-editing, digital scrapbooking and learning how to code," he said.

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