How to Have A Successful Family Staycation

How to Have A Successful Family Staycation

The Straits Times
Republished with Permission
21 November 2020

Ms Skye Tan, family life specialist at the charity Focus on the Family Singapore, suggests planning for time spent both indoors and out, as well as scouting restaurants, attractions or even sales nearby.

Babies and toddlers may need to stick to their daytime nap routine for greater peace all round, while parents can bring snacks, entertainment and bubble bath gels to keep fidgety youngsters occupied, at least for a while.

Ms Tan adds: "Involve older kids in the planning to increase their engagement so there is joint ownership in creating a bonding experience."

Besides, new thrills and day-to-night distractions are not always what children want.

While social media can generate Fomo (fear of missing out) when comparing holiday plans with those of other families, a fully packed staycation schedule is unnecessary, says Ms Tan.

"Consider including some downtime. What our children want most is our undivided attention. Spending distraction-free time with your child is a good way to learn more about him or her."

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