Fewer marriages, more divorces last year

Fewer Marriages, More Divorces Last Year

The Straits Times
Republished with Permission
28 July 2020

Focus on the Family's principal counsellor Theresa Pong said: "Many married couples, in the midst of balancing multiple responsibilities and roles, would place their marriages on the backseat, putting greater priority on other aspects of life such as career, finances and even parenting.

"Without intentional effort in investing in the marital relationship, this can often lead to an increase in unmet expectations between couples and a variety of marital issues that may result in divorce."

[Ms] Pong said another reason is that senior citizens have a strong desire for companionship, and that age is less of a barrier to marriage to them than one's perception of the quality of marriage and relationship.

She added: "While culture is evolving, what remains timeless and key to resilient marriages is that couples are able to communicate their expectations and needs and are committed to working through conflict and differences in every life stage."

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