A Letter to Mums as We Mark Mother’s Day During Circuit Breaker

A Letter to Mums as We Mark Mother’s Day During Circuit Breaker

TODAY Online
Republished with Permission
8 May 2020

While browsing through my Facebook feed, a research report shared by Focus on the Family Singapore — a charity that promotes strong families — caught my eye. Partnering self-group groups, it had carried out an online survey from March 18 to April 20 of over 1,000 mothers. 

The results were quite sobering. In a way, they comforted me in an odd sense by making me realise that I was not alone in feeling stressed as a mother amid the Covid-19 pandemic and Singapore’s circuit breaker.

Six in 10 mothers polled rated their stress levels at a seven or higher, on a scale of one to 10. This is higher than the 52 per cent who said so in last year’s survey. 

The top three stressors which mums shared in this survey were:

  • Coping with both work and family;
  • Managing child(ren)’s behaviour, and
  • Household management
The survey report says this suggests that mothers’ stress “has become magnified and amplified during Covid-19, when work and family have collided within our homes 24/7”.

Almost three out of 10 mums said they “feel sad most of the time” while the average sleep the respondents had was 6.14 hours a day, well below the eight hours recommended by doctors.


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