Infographic: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

Debunking common myths

By Focus on the Family Singapore | 15 June 2021

Does the thought of teaching your youths about sex make you break out in cold sweat?

It may be challenging but educating our next generation is an important step in helping them build healthy relationships in the future.

Download this infographic to understand more about common misconceptions about the ‘sex-talk’ and for some handles on how to engage your youth at home.

Infographic on how parents can talk to their kids about sex

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Teenage transition is one of the most exciting yet challenging periods of life, with many physical, mental and emotional changes. In particular, teens start to mature sexually. As parents, how do we help them through this major life transition? Join our interest list for the Relational Health & Sexual Intelligence webinar—and get equipped to converse with your child about sexuality for their long-term relational health.

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