Your Vote is Powerful

The Power of Your Vote

Use it well

By Focus on the Family Singapore | 1 July 2020

Voting in Singapore has been generally a humdrum affair. It’s compulsory to vote so vote we do, but do we research into who we are voting for and what the party or candidate stands for? And do we actually know why we are voting for who we are voting for?

Emotional voting is voting based on the sentiments and emotions thrown around in social media, mainstream media, and friends and family, but not taking the time to understand the consequences of what one is voting for.

Instead of that, do your research, then cast your vote because your vote matters and plays an important part in shaping the country our kids will inherit.

The MP you vote for will be the bridge between your personal needs and government policies.

Take the effort to engage with the parties campaigning for your vote. It’s easy to hop onto a Facebook Live or engage in live online sessions and if you actually meet candidates on walkabouts, ask them the questions on your mind.

Here are some things for you and your family to think through and to find out from the candidates:


  1. Credibility
    The lawmakers we vote into place get to do exactly that – make laws. We may not get to choose what laws we have in this country, but together, we get to choose the people who make the laws. Is who you choose a competent candidate? What’s their background and experience? Have you read their party’s manifesto?

    In the event you value a candidate but not quite the party they represent or vice versa, it’s good to remember that the candidate represents the party and would have to follow party’s policies.

    Also, here are some of the parties’ manifestos. We are only listing those that have published their manifestos:
  2. Character

  3. Character
    We are a meritocratic society and sometimes, it feels like people can get waylaid in our bid for efficiency and results. But don’t we all want a society that’s kinder and a country that cares even for those who can’t give back in economic ways? Ask yourself: Does the party you support care about the aging population? What are their interactions like with vulnerable segments of society? Have they spoken into mental health challenges or online bullying?

    Maya Angelou once wrote: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    Politics is a high calling, but it’s also fundamentally about serving people and making sure the nation’s people are taken care of. Which party consistently shows an attitude of service and demonstrate that they are here to serve?

    Let’s vote for a party with the right heart, so that we can build a nation with character and heart.
  4. Strong family focus

  5. Strong family focus
    It takes a village to raise a child and the government is an important part of our village. The policies they implement regarding families will have a direct impact on all of us. What kind of society—in the present and the future—do you want your children to grow up in? Are there certain family values you want your government to uphold or advocate for? Are there laws you want in place to safeguard those values and beliefs?

    Does this party or candidate support shared parenting, work-life balance, and policies like increased paternity leave or childcare leave? Does it recognise that the unique parenting strengths of fathers and mothers in strong, thriving marriages and stable, loving homes bring a whole host of benefits for their children in the short- and long-term? Would you be more likely to be able to have balance in your work-life commitments and keep up with the cost of living? Asking your candidates these questions allows you to find out where they stand on these issues and gives you the opportunities let them hear your concerns.

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