Women’s Development & Empowerment in Singapore in 2021

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Women’s Development & Empowerment in Singapore in 2021

Recommendations to further women's development in our nation

By Focus on the Family Singapore | 23 August 2021

As part of the Year of Celebrating SG Women in 2021, the Government is welcoming ideas and recommendations on how to support women in their wellbeing and development.

Based on almost 2 decades of journeying with women to build their homes and raise their families, and incorporating the views from a closed-door family dialogue held on 15 May, Focus on the Family Singapore (Focus) responds to key issues and current concerns about women’s rights and wellbeing at school, work and home, as well as in vulnerable situations.

The paper provides upstream recommendations for (1) holistic sexuality education, (2) supporting the varying aspirations of Singapore women towards marriage and motherhood, and (3) tackling social issues affecting females at their root cause; and outlines how Focus would like to help shape gender narratives and empower women through a long-term and whole-of-nation approach.

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