Top 3 Challenges Mums in Singapore Face

Top 3 Challenges Mums in Singapore Face

Mums report greater physical and mental load during the extended Circuit Breaker

By Focus on the Family Singapore | 10 May 2020

During this Circuit Breaker, more mothers in Singapore are reporting increased stress levels, a Focus on the Family Singapore survey of over 1,000 mothers reveals.

The top three stressors cited by mums during the Circuit Breaker include "Family’s health and safety", "Managing children at home for longer periods of time" and "Managing work and home responsibilities". This suggests that mum’s stress is not new but has become magnified and amplified during COVID-19, when work and family have collided within our homes 24/7.

Mums often feel the pressure to excel in all areas of life, including work, parenting and household management. With childcare and work stressors now heightened by COVID-19, it is perhaps unsurprising that mothers today carry greater physical and mental load in today's extended Circuit Breaker.

Here are some handles for parents on managing stress through this COVID-19 season:

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