How to Protect Your Child's Mental Health


How To Protect Your Child's Mental Health

Understand the different mental health challenges with this PDF resource

By Focus on the Family Singapore | 29 October 2021

In light of the increase in mental health challenges that children and teens face today, where do we even begin to understand their mental health? How do we spot the signs?

Some common mental health challenges that teens face include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm and suicidal ideation. It’s important to know that not every mental health challenge is a mental disorder or illness, but every mental health challenge should be taken seriously as left unchecked, it can spiral to become a more serious problem.

With proper care and treatment, many teens with mental health issues can recover. The first and most crucial step is getting help.

Empower your family with an understanding of the various mental health challenges a teen may encounter.

Download How To Protect Your Child’s Mental Health in PDF or view the images below.

About depression and anxiety

About self-harm and suicide

How to help

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Life can be overwhelming. Having a listening ear can bring relief, help you feel supported, and improve relationships. Make an appointment with a counsellor today.

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