Finding the Courage to Pursue Our Dreams

Photo: Courtesy of Elaine Cheah

Finding the Courage to Pursue Our Dreams

Part 3 of a 4-part Inspirational Mums Series

By Elaine Cheah | 30 May 2021

This is the third of a 4-part series by Focus on the Family Singapore to shine the spotlight on mums, and the different ways they express love to their families and juggle this thing called life.

Let’s be inspired by Elaine Cheah, founder of Lefko - A Board Games Cafe & Store, and mum of 4.

I am, by nature, a positive and free-spirited person. I love change. I love new experiences and new journeys. That's the excitement of life for me.

We have 4 gorgeous children: Christopher, 11, Oliver, 9, Rebekah, 7, and Aaliyah, 5 months old. Having grown up without a father figure, my family matters a lot.

I was a go-getter in my earlier days, relishing the corporate world, till motherhood hit and changed me. Maybe our 2 early miscarriages led me to treasure motherhood fiercely. That's possibly also why we welcome every pregnancy and child.

2 years ago we started Lefko, a board games business, as we wanted to do something in JB. We moved there a few years ago for the pace and space, perfect for our homeschool journey. With Lefko, we dreamt of building community and making a difference.

Running a business meant I was often conflicted, torn between kids and work. When work gets overwhelming, guilt is relentless. Thankfully, my husband and kids are amazing, my shoulders to cry on, and my reality check. They remind me that no work is more important than God or them. I am thankful for friends with whom I can pour my heart out to. It's a tough journey, fraught with tears, fears, and doubts but I am not alone.

When we first started Lefko, everything was new and uncomfortable. It still is. It forced me to face myself and my fixed mindsets. It challenged my faith and my motherhood. How do I do this without sacrificing my children? How can we be a blessing even when we are not yet thriving? Every decision is difficult. But I grow, I learn, and I get stronger climbing this steep hill.

For mums who are afraid to pursue their dreams, just do it.

A dreamer by nature, I dream of cultural immersion and building communities. A million dreams, yet I can only do so much. So now, my dreams are simple. Bring my kids up well to be a boon to the world. Have a loving marriage. Serve till the end.

For mums who are afraid to pursue their dreams, just do it. In the end, nothing is wasted. You grow from the journey. You model strength and courage to your kids. I pray too that my children will never be afraid to try, to fail, to succeed, or to move on."

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