20 Local Books To Instil in Kids Good Values and Love for Family


20 Local Books To Instil in Kids Good Values and Love for Family

Read your way to love and good deeds

By Friedel Wong | 21 July 2022

Ever wondered how to encourage good values in your children and foster in them a deeper love and appreciation for Family?

These 20 books by our local authors will teach your child about hope, gratitude and respect for others in community, the value of intergenerational relationships and spark curiosity to discover oneself.

Being Hopeful

1. Little Kapal by Damien Tan

  • Little Kapal tells of a little boy’s adventure to find the home of his rainbow friend. Through his journey, he discovers the Hope of Life. The book is written by the parents of little Noah, in memory of his brief, beautiful time with them - to celebrate life and to bring encouragement to others.

2. Kitesong by Tam Wai Jia

  • Kitesong represents the dreams we each have to make a difference to others, to help others fly and sing their own kitesongs. Wai Jia hopes this book will inspire those who dream of making a difference to the lives of others.

3. Savour by Tam Wai Jia

  • Savour beckons anyone who's grappled with fulfilling expectations to redefine ideals of success and rekindle lost dreams.

Blessed Series by kinco

The Blessed Series is inspired by the stories of three children that the authors met. While they do not reflect the circumstances of all children in these countries, or the conditions of all who live in those countries, the authors draw inspiration from their courage and zest for life. These children highlight to us that blessedness can arise from within and from those around us.

The books are:

4. Tripina Finds Fresh Water

5. Miguel Builds A New House

6. Hannah Learns About Love

Discovering ourselves

7. The Stressed Ball by Lydia Lim

  • The Stressed Ball is a picture book inspired by the author’s personal journey. It is told through the story of a ball on a journey to find the answers to life’s most fundamental questions of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What am I doing here?’.

Strengthening intergenerational bonds

Nature Playtime series by Sophia Huang

Sophia Huang’s Nature Playtime series encourages children to build stronger ties with their grandparents by spending more quality time with them and going on adventures with them outdoors.

The books include:

8. The Saga Boo

9. Touch-me-nots

10. Ixoras

11. The Rubber Tree

12. Flame of the Forest

13. The Casuarina Tree

Showing gratitude and respect for others in society

The Invisible People series by Ames Chen

This book series highlights some of the invisible people in our society: domestic workers, construction workers, and bus drivers. Even though these workers have played and continue to play a key part in contributing to Singapore’s growth, they are often treated with disdain and disrespect.These beautifully illustrated books offer heartfelt stories that help children appreciate these unsung heroes in our society.

14. Aunty Goes Home depicts how a family helps their domestic worker discover her passion for cooking during her time with them. They empower her to achieve her dreams when it’s time for her to return home.

15. Uncles at Work portrays how a kind father teaches his son to bring food and drinks to the construction workers who are building their flat.

16. The Bus Driver is a story of how something as simple as the bus trip to school and the interaction with the bus driver can inspire and impact one’s growing-up years.

Loving our nation

Timmy & Tammy series by Ruth Wan

As Timmy and Tammy explore Singapore’s attractions, they develop a greater love and appreciation for our little red dot and all that it has blessed us with.

Some titles are:

17. Timmy and Tammy: What is Singapore?

18. Timmy and Tammy at Changi Airport

19. Timmy and Tammy on the MRT

20. Timmy and Tammy discover Lee Kuan Yew

Enjoy exploring this list and bonding with your child through good books!

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Friedel Wong is a third-year sociology student at the National University of Singapore.
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