MOVIE REVIEW: Mission Impossible – Fallout

By Focus on the Family Singapore | 31 July, 2018

Anarchist Solomon Lane is behind bars, but the remnants of Lane's syndicate have started calling themselves The Apostles and joined forces with a mysterious killer named John Lark. A nuclear weapons expert and three Russian plutonium cores have gone missing. The authorities believe that the cores could be weaponised within 72 hours.

And no one knows the whereabouts of any of the above pieces or players.

It's time for Ethan Hunt and his team to leap into action once again, right? But it's not quite that easy this time as the CIA is not happy with some of the mistakes Ethan and his team made recently.

So the Agency has gotten official approval to place an agent of its own on Ethan's team – agent August Walker. Agent Walker is a human sledgehammer with the go-ahead to come crashing down on anything or anyone that gets between him and those nuclear cores.

And then there's madman Solomon Lane to watch out for. There's also a dangerous MI6 agent with her own agenda. And if all that isn't enough drama, Ethan's beloved ex-wife, Julia, is in someone's crosshairs as well.


For all of the death and destruction on hand here, the film makes it clear that human life is something to value. Ethan repeatedly goes the extra mile to save the lives of individuals, even though the easier path would be to walk away without worrying about such collateral casualties.

Ethan apologizes to Julia for all the pain he's caused her. But she balks at that idea. She says that those difficult, painful parts of her life have shaped her into the woman she is today. She also says those experiences have given her opportunities to serve others and do what she enjoys most.


A TV news report mentions that three religious sites—Jerusalem, Mecca and Rome—have been bombed by terrorists.


Ethan and Walker drag an unconscious villain into a public bathroom stall to scan his face. Several men outside the stall think they're actually having sex. They knock on the stall door, asking to join in.

A seductive operative dubbed the White Widow kisses Ethan.


Good guys and bad blaze away at each other with pistols and automatic weapons in several scenes. Some people are hit by bullets and sent bloodlessly tumbling to the ground.

The bloodiest moments in the film, however, take place during well-choreographed and up-close fight scenes. One of those melees, which occurs in a stylish public restroom, features several combatants being pummeled and smashed through walls and mirrors. Someone gets shot in the face and the white tiled floor is splashed with a pool of blood and gore.

Elsewhere, a female MI6 agent leaps into a fight with a villain who punches her repeatedly in the face. She eventually stabs him in the leg with a broken bottle and chokes him with a rope. Ethan battles another baddie in something of a helicopter demolition derby that leaves both men badly battered and bleeding.

Someone is caught in the face by a large metal hook that drags him to his death. Men are shot and thrown out of a helicopter. A policewoman is shot in the leg by four threatening thugs, and Ethan has to kill them all to save her life. Men are stabbed repeatedly in the chest with a small knife. A huge car chase crumples up vehicles and sends people flying pell-mell off motorcycles. Policemen are shot. A woman gets hit by a car and left in a crumpled pile on the street. A man hangs by his neck, struggling and gasping for breath.

The threatened nuclear explosion is said to exceed the power of both atomic bombs dropped during WWII. It is cruelly designed to not only kill thousands through its initial detonation, but to contaminate the water supply of one third of the world's population afterward. We see an atomic detonation in Ethan's dream, as well as the obliterating impact it has on several people standing in the explosion's wake.


One f-word and half a dozen or so s-words join one or two uses each of "d--n," "a--," "b--ch" and "h---."


We see people with mixed drinks at a club.


Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the epitome of today's spy-guy action film. It clips along at a pace that's just shy of a heart attack and features all the exciting bits that most people expect from the Mission: Impossible franchise.

An emotionally tortured hero? This film showcases Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt as he heroically tries to save every life he can, while worrying that—when it comes to those he loves most—he might just fall short.

Intrigue? Screenwriter/director Christopher McQuarrie packs this sixth Mission: Impossible entry with so many subplots, covert government agencies, chain-linked atomic bombs and double-crossing characters that you'll feel like a mental juggler.

Clock-ticking action? This film delivers massive gun battles, fevered car chases in the streets of Paris and somersaults off tall buildings—to name but a few of its frenetic scenes.

All these make for a thrilling ride, but be prepared for the requisite secret-agent stuff. Spy guys and their roguish adversaries are not gentle types. That means a whole lot of painful-looking mashing, bashing and bone breaking.

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