Discover Your Spouse Anew with These 30 Questions


Discover Your Spouse Anew with These 30 Questions

See each other with fresh eyes

By June Yong | 22 December 2021

You may be married for five years, or 15, but there are things your spouse does that still surprises you.


Well, contrary to popular opinion, people are not static beings. Attitudes and preferences change, new habits may be developed while old ones change, and both you and your spouse are growing every day!

So, if you think you know everything there is to know about your spouse, this discovery challenge is for you. Pick a date night (or morning), and get cosy with each other with these fun and meaningful questions.

Fun Questions to Ask Your Significant Other

Questions about the past:

  1. What was the best part about your growing up years?
  2. Which of your parents are you most like?
  3. How did your parents handle conflict when you were young?
  4. Have you ever gotten away with a lie? What was it and why did you lie?
  5. What was the most daring thing you ever did as a teen/young adult?
  6. What is your favourite date of ours, and what made it memorable for you?
  7. What was your best moment at work and why?
  8. What is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
  9. What was one thing that I did that helped you feel that you could depend on me?
  10. What is something you hated as a child, but now appreciate?

Questions about the present:

  1. What do you see as your greatest strength that you bring to our family?
  2. What is something you secretly enjoy doing?
  3. What is the first thing you like to do when you come home after a long day?
  4. What is one habit about yourself that you’d like to change?
  5. What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
  6. If you were a guest on a talk show, what would you talk about?
  7. What is the best life advice you’ve received?
  8. What do you appreciate most about me?
  9. What are the top 3 things you are most grateful for today?
  10. How do you think we can work better as a team?

Questions about the future:

  1. If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
  2. If you could relive one year of your life, which year would it be?
  3. What is one dream that you have for our family?
  4. What is one talent you would love to develop?
  5. What is one dish you would love to be able to cook for the family?
  6. What is one hobby you’ve always wanted to try?
  7. If you could choose to always have either the body or mind of a 30-year-old, which would you choose?
  8. What areas do you think we can work on to build trust and intimacy?
  9. What is one skill or value you’d like our children to pick up from you?
  10. What is one goal you’d like to achieve in the next five years, and how would you like to be supported?

I hope these questions spark conversations that will help you see and understand your spouse with fresh eyes. And that you will have a wonderful time discovering each other anew.

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