While most of our staff are working from home in accordance to COVID-19 advisories, we are here for you and remain committed to serving you and your family.

  1. If you are seeking help, we continue to provide counselling support through video calls. Please contact us at 6491 0700 or schedule for an appointment at
  2. For encouragement and equipping on how to cope with COVID-19, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a newly-developed series of #SGUnited #SGFamily resources or visit

We would also love to hear from you - do write to us ([email protected]) on how we can continue to support you and your family as we weather this crisis together. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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20 Sep 2021
"Let your children know that their worth as a person far exceeds what a single examination can measure, and that you are behind them every step of the way," says Ms [June] Yong, a family life specialist at Focus on the Family Singapore
18 Aug 2021
Mr Ee Jay Chong, family life specialist and cyber wellness expert...said, "Parents cannot make light of what can happen online. They are their children's first line of defence."

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